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Cabin Fever 3 and 4 on the Way

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The flesh-eating virus will be back in Cabin Fever: Patient Zero and Cabin Fever: Outbreak.

I am a big fan of Eli Roth (directed Cabin Fever, Hostel, Hostel: Part II, acted in Inglourious Basterds). Cabin Fever was sick and gross and that’s why we all love it. There are some scenes you just have to look away from. Cabin Fever 2 wasn’t bad for not having Eli work on it. It was different but kept the sickness. Both graphic and virus related.

I am looking forward to seeing these new sequels. I hope they are done right.


Jake Wade Wall (The Hitcher, When a Stranger Calls) has signed on to pen the screenplay for Cabin Fever: Patient Zero.

When a cruise ship in the Caribbean collides with an abandoned research vessel, a deadly virus is unleashed. Passengers must find a way to survive before the flesh eating disease consumes them all.

Cabin Fever: Outbereak is being written by Adam and Deborah Marcus (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D).

In this film a doctor and his family travel to a remote Caribbean island to investigate a minor flu outbreak, only to discover a vicious flesh-eating virus that threatens everyone on the island. The family is faced with responsibility to prevent a worldwide epidemic.


8 Character Posters From The Hunger Games

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Very excited to see this movie.

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss –
Josh Hutcherson as Peeta –
Liam Hemsworth as Gale –
Amandla Stenberg as Rue –
Alexander Ludwig as Cato –
Woody Harrelson as Haymitch –
Elizabeth Banks as Effie –
Lenny Kravitz as Cinna –

Random TV Talk

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I’m just going to talk about crap I love and hate about things on TV………boring, I know.

Dexter is one of my favorite shows and I’d love to see more seasons down the road. This season has been okay so far. But I’m having a hard time believe this season will be better that the last. Personally, I think season 4 with John Lithgow was the best. These new religious killers can’t compare to the “Trinity Killer.”

Breaking Bad season 4 finale was AMAZING! I loved what happened to Gus. I honestly didn’t see it coming. And how could Walter do that to someone Jesse cares about? It really has me excited for the 5 and final season. Will Walter die from the cancer, will he be killed, or will he get healthy and live out the rest of his life?

Shameless returns Sunday, January 8, 2012. I just love this show. A poor shameless family trying to survive. This show is filled with drugs, alcohol, sex, and even some violence.

Impact Wrestling ended on such a high note this week. “The Cowboy” James Storm became the World Heavyweight Champion. Much deserved too. I know people will complain about the show but you hated don’t know anything. Complain all you want, it’s not going to change what happened. But anyway, I’m looking forward to see what happens next.

True Blood had it’s first season in which I hated completely. Not one thing in all of season 4 did I care about. Season 5 better get me back into the show or I’m done.

Sons of Anarchy has been great this season. It always keeps me entertained. During season one I gave up on the show but now I’m a big fan. The only problem I have with the show is its language. For being on basic cable it’s pretty bad.

Pretty Little Liars had it’s Halloween special this week. A prequel to the show. It was a great episode had some nice moments. But I can’t stand Alison. No wonder she was killed.

James Storm – The New World Heavyweight Champion!

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I did NOT see this coming. James Storm has been with TNA Wrestling since day one. And after all those years he’s finally become the World Heavyweight Champion!

James, just like that fans said, “You deserve it.”

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Posted in Uncategorized on October 20, 2011 by crow237

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D Poster

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I hate that this will not feature R. Lee Ermey.

This poster is sick.