Scott Speedman in Underworld Awakening?

Source: Shock Till You Drop

Shock Till You Drop caught up to actor Scott Speedman today to discuss his turn in the thriller Good Neighbors. We had to ask: Is he reprising his role as Michael in the upcoming Underworld Awakening?

The answer is simply “No.” Speedman told us definitively that he is not back and he doesn’t expect to do another Underworld film again. There was buzz from the Underworld Awakening Comic-Con panel that “Michael” was returning in some capacity. Has that role been re-cast?


2 Responses to “Scott Speedman in Underworld Awakening?”

  1. NoCleverName Says:

    Do. Not. Like. I want Michael back!! *pouts*

    • i’d hate to see another actor play michael, scott speedman just does it so well and we already know him as michael so he can’t drop out now…..

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