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Scream Blu-Ray Collection Art

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The box is now boasting a five-disc set which includes the three films and the documentaries Still Screaming and Scream: The Inside Story.

Look for the set on October 6.


Icon For Hire – “Scripted” Cover Art

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Icon For Hire’s debut album, “Scripted” is due to be released August 23rd via Tooth & Nail Records.  Thoughts on that cover art?

  1. Overture
  2. Theater
  3. Make A Move
  4. Get Well
  5. The Grey
  6. Off With Her Head
  7. Fight
  8. Up In Flames
  9. Iodine
  10. Only A Memory
  11. Pieces

Scott Speedman in Underworld Awakening?

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Source: Shock Till You Drop

Shock Till You Drop caught up to actor Scott Speedman today to discuss his turn in the thriller Good Neighbors. We had to ask: Is he reprising his role as Michael in the upcoming Underworld Awakening?

The answer is simply “No.” Speedman told us definitively that he is not back and he doesn’t expect to do another Underworld film again. There was buzz from the Underworld Awakening Comic-Con panel that “Michael” was returning in some capacity. Has that role been re-cast?

Scream 4 Blu-ray/DVD

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Scream 4 will be on Blu-ray/DVD October 4, 2011

Scream 4

Special Features

  • The Making of Scream 4 featurette
  • Alternate Opening
  • Extended Ending
  • Deleted and Extended Scenes
  • Gag Reel

Animated Underworld Spin-Off Coming

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An animated spin-off is in the works for DVD and Blu-Ray. It will be made available on a forthcoming Underworld box set.

I’m not sure how I feel about this.

Damages: Season 1

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PLOT: Bright and sharp law school graduate Ellen Parsons becomes the protégée of the successful and hard-hitting high stakes litigator Patricia Hewes. But nothing is what it seems.

HOLY BALLS! Watch this show. Watch it, watch it, watch it.

You never know who to trust, never know what is true, never know who is lying. This is a must see.

IMPACT Wrestling 7/21/11 Review

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The show kicked off with the new World Heavyweight Champion Sting coming to the ring. Sting is still doing The Joker thing. Which I think at times can be quite funny. Hopefully, he’ll return to The Crow look shortly.

But anyway, while Stinger is talking, a man in a clown mask makes his way to the ramp. It was Kurt Angle. Kurt of course mentioned he and Sting will wrestling for the title August 7th at HardCORE Justice.

Bully Ray and Mr. Anderson came out during all this and announce the main event of the night. Bully Ray and Mr. Anderson vs. Kurt and Sting.

RVD vs. Scott Steiner in the BFG Series –  This was the first match of the night. A good clean match and there is nothing wrong with that. RVD got the win by a schoolboy pin. Scott then attacked Rob after the match.

TNA Knockouts Champion Mickie James asked Velvet Sky to come to the ring. Mickie then afford Velvet a title shot for latter that night. Which was very nice of Mickie to do. Velvet’s title shot is much overdue. And she deserves to be champ.

Angelina Love and Winter interrupted Mickie James and Velvet Sky. Love basically said she’s coming for the Knockouts Championship. Which she gets the winner at HardCORE Justice. Winter said the same thing as well.

Knockouts Tag Team Title defense: Rosita and Sarita (C) vs. Tara and Ms. Tessmacher – Rosita and Sarita got in a big fight backstage with Tara and Ms. Tessmacher. But they however did make it to the ring. Where Rosita and Sarita defended the Knockouts Tag Team Titles against Tara and Ms. Tessmacher. This match another good Knockouts tag match. TNA has the BEST women’s division. Best division in everything really. Tara got the win the a sit down powerbomb. Making Tara and Ms. Tessmacher the new Knockouts Tag Team Champions.

BFG Series Ladder match: Matt Morgan vs. AJ Styles vs. Gunner vs. Samoa Joe. – The ladder wasn’t used to much as a weapon in the match. Which is fine. But once again Samoa Joe lost. One of the most dangerous guys in the business and can’t get a win. Sadly, Matt Morgan won. I can’t stand him.

Eric Young’s promo was funny. He went into a store and saw D’Lo Brown. But he kept mistaking him for singer C’Lo Green. Eric the schoolboy pinning D’Lo in the middle of the store. It was so funny.

X-Division Championship: Brian Kendrick (C) vs. Alex Shelley. Kendrick sucks. All he ever does is dropkicks. The was good and had some high flying moves. Austin Aries came out and hit Alex in the face with the title. Kendrick got the win but was unaware of what happened.

Mexican America and Beer Money had an argument in the ring for a while.

Mickie James and Velvet Sky’s match was next but never happened. They were attacked by Angelina Love and Winter. As Mickie James and Velvet Sky started winning the fight ODB and Jackie hopped the railing and helped Angelina Love and Winter. The fight went on for some time. But then the original Knockout Traci Brooks made her return and helped out Mickie and Velvet. The security guards got beat up by the Knockouts as well.

Main Event: Bully Ray and Mr. Anderson vs. Kurt and Sting – Sting got beat up a lot in this match. Only thing Kurt did was pretty much get the pin. They wouldn”t let Sting tap Kurt in at all. But once he did, Kurt gave Mr. Anderson an Angle slam. Giving Kurt and Sting the win. They shook hands as the so went off.

Great night, great matches. I love IMPACT Wrestling. WRESTLING MATTERS HERE!