Saw Fan Appreciation Night

UPDATE: I have two pair. Most people didn’t know about them and just through them away.

Copied from Fandango

Lionsgate & Twisted pictures are extremely excited to announce that this Thursday, October 28 will be an epic nationwide Saw Fan Appreciation Night! As a thank you to the loyal Saw fanbase through the series, theaters will be offering a ‘Limited Edition’ pair of Saw 3D glasses as a gift with purchase for the Thursday night shows. The fans that attend the 8pm, 10pm, and midnight shows will get the bragging rights of glasses that say “I SAW IT FIRST 10.28.10.”

'Saw 3D' glasses


3 Responses to “Saw Fan Appreciation Night”

  1. johnathan dees Says:

    would you be willing to sell one of the pair of saw 3d glasses?

    • crow237 Says:

      Sorry, I have no intentions of selling the Saw glasses at this time.

      • johnathan dees Says:

        fair enough, if you every re-consider please let me know. i would make it worth your time and energy.

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