My Top Albums Of 2010

The year isn’t over but I’ve wanted to post this for some time now.

This years albums will not be listed by numbers. It was too hard to pick which one would be number one. So they’re not in any order.

Top albums of 2010

  • Little Big Town – The Reason Why
  • Demon Hunter – The World Is A Thorn: Regular/Deluxe Edition.
  • Write This Down – Write This Down
  • Disciple – Horseshoes & Hand Grenades
  • The White Stripes – Under Great White Northern Lights

Disappointing albums of 2010

  • Children 18:3 – Rain’s A Comin’: I found the CD to have a  much different feel from their self-titled album.
  • Corpus Christi – A Feast For Crows: Didn’t care for the new harsh vocalist. Will Henry had a better sound to his harsh vocals. Update: Max has grown on me. And is a very nice guy.
  • Fireflight – For Those Who Wait: Not as good as their Unbreakable album
  • Katy Perry – Teenage Dream: Just was crap.

Kinda anticipated albums of 2011 but not to excited

  • Hawk Nelson – untitled album
  • Stryper – The Covering
  • Family Force 5 – untitled album
  • FM Static – My Brain Says STOP, But My Heart Says GO

One Response to “My Top Albums Of 2010”

  1. None of these are really my style, but I have to say that I laughed a little at the statement that Katy Perry’s album was crap. I mean, really. Did you expect something that wasn’t crap? From Katy Perry?

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