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Saw 3D Weekend Box-Office

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From Yahoo

LOS ANGELES – Psychokiller Jigsaw has come back to life at the box office.

Saw 3D, the seventh installment in the series about Jigsaw’s legacy of bloody terror, debuted as the Halloween weekend’s No. 1 movie with $24.2 million.

That was $10 million more than last year’s Saw VI, the first dud in the annual horror franchise. But it still was a modest return compared to earlier chapters in the Saw series, whose previous sequels all had topped $30 million over opening weekend.


Saw 3D Review

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? out of 5

Was Saw 3D worth being in 3D? Did Saw 3D tie up all loose ends?

Plot: As a deadly battle rages over Jigsaw’s brutal legacy, a group of Jigsaw survivors gathers to seek the support of self-help guru and fellow survivor Bobby Dagen, a man whose own dark secrets unleash a new wave of terror.

First off, I noticed that the opening credits were different from the other Saw films. Which I liked, it was time for a change. But other than that it was another Saw film. But I’m ok with that. The other thing I really noticed was the story with Jill and Hoffman was the only thing I really wanted to see. The other story was fine and kept the game going.

Everyone that seen it Thursday night got a pair of limited edition I SAW IT FIRST 3D glasses. Which everyone pretty much put in the recycle bin. I however kept my pair because I love Saw!

Tobin bell wasn’t even in the film for 5 minutes. Since Saw VI was his finally game.

Cary Elwes did a great job. To see Dr. Gordon return was awesome. But wasn’t really in the movie.

Kevin Greutert (Saw VI, Saw 3D director) did an amazing job. He went through a lot of crap before shooting.

3D was not what I was expecting. Wasn’t clear enough. My dad and I both agreed we’d rather of see it in 2D on an HD TV.

Saw 3D was re-edited and submitted six times to the MPPA to bring it from an NC-17 to an R rating. Yes, the movie is very GRAPHIC.

Final thing, did it tie up all loose ends? Yes…and no. Some things they told us, some not. Could there be a sequel? Any movie can have a sequel but Saw 3D is said to be the last one. It truly is game over.

RIP Saw 2004-2010.

Rated R for sequences of grisly bloody violence and torture, and language.

View All Photos | First Official SAW 3D Motion Poster | Jacob R

View All Photos | SAW 3D Motion Poster 2 | Jacob R

View All Photos | SAW 3D Motion Poster 3 | Jacob R

View All Photos | SAW 3D Motion Poster 4 | Jacob R

View All Photos | Limited Edition SAW 3D Poster | Jacob R

Saw Fan Appreciation Night

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UPDATE: I have two pair. Most people didn’t know about them and just through them away.

Copied from Fandango

Lionsgate & Twisted pictures are extremely excited to announce that this Thursday, October 28 will be an epic nationwide Saw Fan Appreciation Night! As a thank you to the loyal Saw fanbase through the series, theaters will be offering a ‘Limited Edition’ pair of Saw 3D glasses as a gift with purchase for the Thursday night shows. The fans that attend the 8pm, 10pm, and midnight shows will get the bragging rights of glasses that say “I SAW IT FIRST 10.28.10.”

'Saw 3D' glasses

Saw II: Flesh and Blood

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Saw II: Flesh and Blood was released today on the PS3.

Unlike the first game, Jigsaw does appear in this game. Not just a recording of his voice.

I’m not a fan of the box art. The first games box art was so much better.

My Top Albums Of 2010

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The year isn’t over but I’ve wanted to post this for some time now.

This years albums will not be listed by numbers. It was too hard to pick which one would be number one. So they’re not in any order.

Top albums of 2010

  • Little Big Town – The Reason Why
  • Demon Hunter – The World Is A Thorn: Regular/Deluxe Edition.
  • Write This Down – Write This Down
  • Disciple – Horseshoes & Hand Grenades
  • The White Stripes – Under Great White Northern Lights

Disappointing albums of 2010

  • Children 18:3 – Rain’s A Comin’: I found the CD to have a  much different feel from their self-titled album.
  • Corpus Christi – A Feast For Crows: Didn’t care for the new harsh vocalist. Will Henry had a better sound to his harsh vocals. Update: Max has grown on me. And is a very nice guy.
  • Fireflight – For Those Who Wait: Not as good as their Unbreakable album
  • Katy Perry – Teenage Dream: Just was crap.

Kinda anticipated albums of 2011 but not to excited

  • Hawk Nelson – untitled album
  • Stryper – The Covering
  • Family Force 5 – untitled album
  • FM Static – My Brain Says STOP, But My Heart Says GO Saw 3D Glasses

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But that’s what you get for free.

TNA Bound For Glory 2010

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What a hell of a PPV! Great night in TNA history.

For all you haters out there, screw you.

Copied this from somewhere.

1. TNA World Tag Team Championship Match: The Motor City Machine Guns defeated Generation Me.

2. TNA Knockouts Championship Match with special guest referee Mickie James: Tara defeated Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, and Madison Rayne.

3. Ink Inc. defeated Eric Young and Orlando Jordan with a top rope Mooregasm/Samoan drop combination.

4. TNA X-Division Championship Match: Jay Lethal defeated Douglas Williams.

5. Monster’s Ball Match: Rob Van Dam defeated Abyss.

6.Handicap Match: Sting, Kevin Nash, and Pope D’Angelo Dinero defeated Samoa Joe and Jeff Jarrett when  Jarrett walked out on Joe.

– Brother Ray and Brother Devon came to the ring to announce the retirement of Team 3D. They challenged the Motor City Machine Guns for one last match.

7. Lethal Lockdown Match: EV 2.0 defeated Fortune .

8. For the vacant TNA World Heavyweight Championship, if Angle loses he leaves pro wrestling: Jeff Hardy defeated Kurt Angle and Mr. Anderson. Eric Bischoff came to the ring with a steel chair but was interrupted by Hulk Hogan, who walked out on crutches. The two appeared to be at odds, but teamed up, handing Hardy the crutches and allowing him to use them on Anderson and Angle to get the win and become the new champion. After the match, Hogan, Hardy, Bischoff, Jeff Jarrett, and Abyss revealed themselves as the “they” Abyss has been talking about for weeks. Rob Van Dam came to the ring to try and talk some sense into Hardy, but Hardy knocked him out with the TNA World Title.

Photos from here.

Footage From TNA’s Bound For Glory PPV.