Saw 3D: What I Want

Some spoilers below.

With the final Saw film coming this October, I want to say a few things that I hope happen.

I want the story to fit with the first six films. I don’t want an over-the-top story with unrealistic traps. Just because it’s the last film doesn’t mean it has to be the worst.

Saw fans didn’t want it in 3D but got stuck with it. 2D theaters will still call it Saw 3D but will presented it in 2D.

It probably should of stopped with the death of John (Jigsaw) at the end of the third film.

I hope it lasts in theaters longer than last years Saw VI. Which was only 5 weeks. And I don’t see it topping Saw VI‘s gross of over $64 million worldwide. Which is the lowest gross in the Saw franchise.

Can Saw 3D top Saw VI‘s $64 million worldwide? Maybe, but I doubt it. Can it top the second lowest grossing Saw film? Which is the first film, making over $103 million. I don’t think it’s possible.

But here is what I want most of all out of Saw 3D, for the door to be closed. That means at the end of the movie I want nothing left open. Don’t even crack the window. I want to leave the theater knowing everyone is dead and there is seriously no one left.

And there better not be some bad spin off either. I don’t want to see The Lost Adventures of Detective Hoffman. Not even a cheesy TV series.

Kill everyone off, tie up all loose ends.

Saw 3D hits theaters 10-29-10.

Saw 3D website


2 Responses to “Saw 3D: What I Want”

  1. Hahahaha, “Kill everyone off, tie up all loose ends.” I LOVE IT!!!!

    And I completely agree with you… 😉

  2. So, you want from this movie what I wanted from the third Saw X’D

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