HardCORE Justice

From TNA.com

Missed Sunday’s “HardCORE Justice” Pay-Per-View event? You can catch the replay all month long on your PPV provider! Check your programming guide for details!

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Check back later for exclusive ringside photos from the event – more coverage tomorrow on TNAwrestling.com

Results from the event:

– Taz kicked off the Pay-Per-View by hitting his popular slogan welcoming the fans to HardCORE Justice

– It was announced Jerry Lynn would be unable to appear due to suffering a back injury, resulting in a new main event of RVD vs. Sabu

– Little Guido Maritato, Tracey Smothers and Tony Luke (The FBI) defeated Kid Kash, Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger and Maritato pinned Diamond.

– A series of videos aired throughout the broadcast showing where former hardcore stars are now, including Tod Gordon, Blue Meanie. Pitbull, Francine

– Current TNA Superstars were also interviewed about their favorite hardcore memories

– Too Cold Scorpio defeated CW Anderson after a top rope moonsault/legdrop combination

– Stevie Richards defeated P.J. Polaco with the Big Stevie Kick – after the match, Polaco attacked Richards with a Singapore Cane. However, after the lights went out The Sandman appeared and caned Polaco!

– In a Three-Way dance, Rhino defeated Al Snow and Brother Runt after Rhino hit THE GORE on Runt for the win!

– In a South Philadelphia Street Fight, Team 3D (with Joel Gertner) defeated Axl Rotten and Kahoneys after Team 3D put Kahoneys through a table that was set on fire! After the bout, Brother Ray got on the mic and boasted about Team 3D’s hardcore tag team legacy, which brought out The Gangstas! Team 3D brawled with New Jack and Mustafa all over over the arena, but after the fighting stopped, Team 3D, the Gangstas and Axl and Kahoneys all hugged to the applause of fans.

– In their “Final Showdown”, Raven defeated Tommy Dreamer in a bloody and chaotic bout with Mick Foley as referee. The bout saw interference by Nova and “The Blue Tillie”. Dreamer’s wife even got involved, attempting to stop Raven after he handcuffed Dreamer’s hands behind his back. After she gave Raven a low blow, a battered Dreamer hit a DDT and went for the pin, but Raven escaped. Dreamer went for another DDT, but this time Raven reversed it and hit his own Evenflow DDT for the win. After the bout, Dreamer and his wife left the ringside area.

– There was a tribute video to Paul Heyman with comments by several of the Hardcore Originals

– In the main event (non title), Rob Van Dam (accompanied by Bill Alfonso) defeated Sabu after the 5 Star Frogsplash. After the bout, all the Hardcore Originals entered the ring and enjoyed a final toast with the crowd and TNA President Dixie Carter as “The Last Stand” was over and the Pay-Per-View went off the air!


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