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Saw 3D Motion Poster 2

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SAW 3D Motion Poster 2

In motion here.


HardCORE Justice: August 8 On PPV

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Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling President Dixie Carter and “The Extreme Original” Tommy Dreamer announced that “Hard Justice,” TNA’s live pay-per-view event August 8 at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, will transform to “HardCORE Justice,” a one-night-only celebration of extreme, hardcore wrestling featuring a never before seen reunion of legendary wrestling superstars.

Carter granted the request made by Dreamer and his band of hardcore originals – Mick Foley, Raven, “The War Machine” Rhino and Stevie Richards – on “TNA Thursday Night iMPACT!” on Spike TV (9p.m. ET/PT) to have “one last chance” to celebrate the history and the passion of extreme hardcore wrestling.

“Giving Tommy this chance is one of the easiest decisions I’ve ever made as TNA President,” Carter said. “For years I’ve heard fans talk about the similarities between TNA and what these guys accomplished. Tommy, Mick and these superstars sacrificed everything, and not for money, but for the love of our sport and for the fans..”

Carter continued, “These guys set the bar so high with the passion they brought to this business. I’ve been lucky to have had so many work for me through the years, and now to have a locker room today with that same fire and drive to help build TNA. This is my chance to show our appreciation.”

“Dixie has allowed us to have a chance to finally thank the fans that have supported us for all of these years,” Dreamer said. “In the past, we’ve been lied to and we’ve been punished for being who we were and building what we did. Now we have a chance to get everyone back together for one last night.”

Carter also announced today that Dreamer would be given full creative control of “HardCORE Justice.” In addition to the hardcore originals, Dreamer revealed a few more names for “HardCORE Justice,”: Current TNA agents Al Snow and Simon Diamond, as well as tag team legends Team 3D and current TNA World Heavyweight Champion Rob Van Dam. Dreamer confirmed that Van Dam will compete at the pay-per-view event, but will not defend his title.

“TNA is the only place that this event could happen,” Dreamer said. “There are no politics to worry about and no restrictions in place. The fans know that I have a lot of extremely close friends, so they can expect anything and everything to happen. I have some surprises for everyone,” he said.

TNA officials have also announced a newly revised “HardCORE Justice VIP Weekend.” Originally created to celebrate Mick Foley’s 25th anniversary in professional wrestling, the VIP event will now feature a special “hardcore reunion” with Foley, Dreamer, Richards, Rhino and many more hardcore wrestlers on Saturday August 7 at the NASCAR Grill at Universal Studios’ City Walk. In addition, the VIP package includes guaranteed VIP early admission into “HardCORE Justice” as well as both tapings of “iMPACT!” on August 8-9, as well as a private post-show Q&A session with Foley, Dreamer and friends on August 8.

The “HardCORE Justice VIP Weekend” retails for $99, and is the only way for fans to guarantee admission to the “iMPACT Zone!” for “HardCORE Justice.” Tickets can be purchased at

Dreamer, who stated that more names and matches would be announced in the coming weeks on “TNA Thursday Night iMPACT!,” said that “HardCORE Justice” would be “The Last Stand” for the legacy of hardcore wrestling.

“This is it for an event like this, and it’s the perfect send off we never thought we’d receive. It’s funny, because there had never been a wrestling company that the fans would chant for by name since our time… until TNA began.”

Extreme Invitation Revealed

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The real ECW is back for one only. In honor of the REAL Extreme Championship Wrestling

Dixie Carter came out at the end of iMPACT! on Thursday night to explain her statements from the end of last week.  Dixie invited hardcore originals Tommy Dreamer, Raven, Rhino, Stevie Richards, and Mick Foley to join her.  All five men showed an immense amount of appreciation for Dixie inviting them to the iMPACT! Zone and we would soon learn why.  Dixie and Tommy Dreamer explained that TNA’s next pay-per-view will be a hardcore event!  The matches for this event will be completely left up to Tommy Dreamer.

Saw 3D Is The Final Cut

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After seven movies, more than $730 million in worldwide box office and 30 million DVDs sold, the grisly horror franchise Saw is hanging it up after the final film, Saw 3D, out Oct. 29.

Producers and star Tobin Bell will make the announcement Friday at Comic-Con during the film’s footage presentation. “It’s time to stop,” says Oren Koules, a producer on all the Saw movies. “We have told the story we wanted to tell, and this is going to be a great farewell.”

That’s probably code for “gruesome.” The franchise, about a booby-trap-building psycho, became the titan of horror films with its intricate, deadly devices: a dirty needle pit; a razor box that peels skin like onions; a reverse bear trap that rips open the jaw.

But that’s child’s play compared with the final film, which was shot in 3D and will feature 11 booby traps, nearly double the average for previous films. The film was re-edited and submitted six times to the Motion Picture Association of America to bring it from an NC-17 to an R rating.

“I’m surprised we got it,” says producer Mark Burg. “It’s more violent than any of them. But it’s in 3D, it answers all the questions, it comes full circle. We have the goods on this one.”

He couldn’t say the same thing about the franchise’s sixth installment, which earned $28 million last year, roughly half the take of its most recent predecessors. Burg concedes the film “didn’t do what we expected it to.”

Still, the series has had a remarkable run. Born from director James Wan’s seven-minute video pitch to Lionsgate Films, the original 2004 movie was shot in 17 days for $1 million. It went on to earn $55 million and spawned a sequel around every Halloween for six consecutive years.

“You can count on one hand the franchises that lasted seven years — and every year, no less,” says Jason Constantine, Lionsgate’s president of acquisitions and co-productions. “It became part of pop-culture discourse.”

Not all of it flattering. Critics pummeled the series: Every film earned positive reviews from less than half the nation’s critics, according to And family groups accused the franchise of giving rise to “torture porn” films that relish punishing their victims, especially women.

“It’s a free country,” says Bell, who plays Jigsaw. “If people don’t want to look at certain things, they shouldn’t go. The people who don’t go to films were more upset than the horror fans.”

Those fans, Bell says, are the only ones who matter. “You can say what you want about it, but Saw fans have loved and supported it every year. We must have been doing something right.”

Saw 3D Changes Its Release Date

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The studio has pushed the seventh film back to October 29.

Originally, it was slated to open against Paranormal Activity 2 on October 22, but it appears that box office battle will not happen. Instead, Saw 3D will now duke it out with Wes Craven’s My Soul to Take, which is also arriving in 3D and opening on the 29th.

Saw 3D Teaser Trailer

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I think this teaser trailer is way better than last years Saw VI teaser trailer.

Saw 3D teaser trailer can be viewed here (if there are problems),

Two New Saw 3D Photos

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Twisted Pictures producer Oren Koules tells the paper: “It’s time to stop. We have told the story we wanted to tell, and this is going to be a great farewell.”