Write This Down (Band)

Write This Down had only two independent EP’s before Tooth & Nail gave them a full record. Write This Down’s self-titled debut album is pretty solid. And is my second favorite album of the year, so far.

Just like Children 18:3, Write This Down has made a pretty big impact in christian music. With a rock, punk rock, pop rock genre, with a little bit of screaming.

Listen to the album’s first single, “Renegade,” and if you didn’t like it, you still may find something on Write This Down that you do like. “Center of Attention” is a great song as well.

Write This Down


3 Responses to “Write This Down (Band)”

  1. swade78 Says:

    When I saw the title of this post, I was like, okay, *writing down “band”*. 🙂

    And that is one of the stupidest-looking album covers I’ve seen. Um yeah, I can’t even think of something derogatory enough to say that would explain what I think of it.

  2. Great album. One of my top 10 in 2010 😉
    I’m really liking your music selection.

    • WTD debut album was really good. I hear they’re working on a new one.
      And thanks man. I wanted people to learn about some really good bands.

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