Disciple Announces New Album

Disciple had an interview with RadioU and this is how it went.

Jared: “So, how have you guys been? It’s been forever since Disciple has been hanging around. What’s been going on?”

Andrew: “Oh my gosh, well, we just spent December, January and February recording our new CD and we’re still not done. We have two more songs to record. So, as soon as we get home in May, we’re going to get to recording those two and hopefully have a CD out by the end of July. This album is completely different, we’re all really excited about the songs and we’re just like ‘I don’t care, let’s play ’em!’ So we’ll teach the crowd a few words to the new songs and we just roll with it.”

Disciple Horseshoes & Hand Grenades September 14, 2010.


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