Saw VII News

Write Patrick Melton has said this about Saw VII 3D


“In this one we have bigger traps and more traps and more characters,” explains Melton. “Especially characters from the past (films) – than we’ve had in probably any other Saw movie. It’s definitely the most expensive and ambitious Saw movie that we’ve done. Some of it is in response to last year’s Saw VI, which, while being the most critically acclaimed Saw film in a while, didn’t do particularly as well (at the box office) as everyone would have hoped, so we are going pretty far with this one in terms of the scale and intensity of the traps and the amount of twists, especially into the third act, which is just a plethora of twists and reveals.”

“If we end it with this one,” he continues, “then the entire franchise and story will be wrapped up in a nice pretty package.”


“I don’t even know the title of the film right now,” he said. “I’m not sure if they are going to go with Saw VII or Saw 3D or Saw 3D: Endgame or something like that. There is sort of a response people have when there’s just another number (in the title), as opposed to trying to make this one a bit more of an event.”


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