She’s Out of My League Review

4 out of 5

How can a 10 go for a 5?

Plot: An average Joe meets the perfect woman, but his lack of confidence and the influence of his friends and family begin to pick away at the relationship.

Jay Baruchel stars as Kirk, your average looking TSA security agent geek at an airport. Kirk just happens to get a date with the amazing…no, the gorgeous…no, whats that word I’m looking for? Anyway, he gets a date with Molly (Alice Eve). Hot, Molly is really hot, that’s the word. And she is totally out of his league.

Alice Eve stars as Molly, the amazing, the gorgeous, the super hot woman who ever guy wants to be with. Molly then realizes she lost her cell phone while going through security and must get it back. Kirk finds her phone and saves her day. As a thank you, Molly asks Kirk if he’d like to a hockey game, and your main story starts.

Alice is a very good actress and she was the best choice for Molly.

As the film goes on, Kirk and Molly go on a few dates, she meets his family and he meets hers. But the couple start to…go watch the movie.

She’s Out of My League is funny (not as funny as I thought) but still funny and is worth seeing in theaters. I will probably get this movie on DVD, it’s that good.

Rated R for language and sexual content.



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