Corey Haim Dead

All for FOX News,

The 1980s child star Corey Haim has been found dead in Los Angeles, Fox News confirms.

The actor was 38.

The LAPD said his death appeared to be an accidental drug overdose, and an investigation is underway.

Haim is most famous for his roles in the 1980s films “License To Drive” and “The Lost Boys.” Haim and actor Corey Feldman starred in several popular films together, including “License To Drive” and “Dream a Little Dream,” and became one of the hottest actor teams in Hollywood.

Haim’s drug abuse took over his life and helped ruin his career.

He made a comeback in 2006 in the reality series “The Two Coreys” with Corey Feldman. The successful show lasted two seasons, but Feldman said he refused to do a third season because of Haim’s continued drug use.


One Response to “Corey Haim Dead”

  1. Oh wow, I hadn’t heard this. I didn’t know he had a drug problem. What a shame. It never ceases to amaze me that these people, who appear to have everything, seem to try to find something more from drugs. I hear people say that the pressure of fame or stardom drives them to it, but if you ask me, that’s just a cop-out. Oh well, it’s really sad. The Lost Boys was a great movie.

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