Saw VII 3D (EndGame) Has Started

On February 8, 2010 Saw VII 3D production began.

Saw VII is planned to be the final installment (old news) after the big box office decrease. And it might answer questions from previous films, like what happened to all the survivors? It could also be called Saw VII: EndGame. WHY?

I hate when films have names like that. Like Into the Blue 2: The Reef. You don’t need to put that crap in it.

I am looking forward to the ending of a great franchise. Saw VI was a very good film and left us all wanting move. It will be weird in October 2011 without a Saw film.

The budget for each film has never reached over $11 million, but with the cost of filming in 3-D, Saw VII will be the  most expensive Saw film yet.

“We’re actually shooting it in 3D. A lot of people just do the 2D to 3D transfer, but we want to be able to build the sets in a way that takes advantage of depth.” — Producer Mark Burg.

3D is trash and nobody wants it. I hear even Tobin Bell who plays Jigsaw isn’t excited about it either.

Saw VII 3D out 10-22-10.


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