For Those Who Wait (Fireflight Album)

Back in 2008 I heard my first Fireflight song called “Unbreakable” off their third album, Unbreakable. I began downloading their songs and listening to them over and over again. It is one CD I wish I owned. It was also in my top albums of 08.

Not many bands get my attention like Fireflight did. But I still love them.

I was hoping, For Those Who Wait, the fourth Fireflight album would be just as good or better than Unbreakable. The album is fair and has some pretty good songs on it. “Desperate” the first single of the album is probably the best song on the CD. Maybe after a while I will like the CD more but who knows?

Sadly it’s not a CD I would spend money on.

Not every album will be great but Fireflight is a good band and I will still remain a big fan.

For Those Who Wait was released today 2-9-10.



3 Responses to “For Those Who Wait (Fireflight Album)”

  1. Fireflight is indeed a great band, and I’m happy to hear there are a good amount of people out there who appreciate them as much as I do. I think they deserve just as much attention as bands like Flyleaf and Paramore, because Fireflight really does know how to rock. “For Those Who Wait” may not be as good as “Unbreakable,” but it grew on me, and hopefully it grew on you as well.

  2. I saw these guys in concert. Awesome people to get to know- but I agree. It’s good, but didn’t hit the top like “Unbreakable” did.

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