Childs Play Remake

I can not wait for this movie. I am a Chucky fan and always will be. Though he scared me so much when I was little.

If Brad Dourif wasn’t returning as Chucky, I would NOT watch it. I also like that fact he will be in the flesh as Charles Lee Ray again.

All copied below,

From HorrorBid comes word that the Childs Play Remake has begun production. No word on the source so I assume its a source of theirs. They also have a quote from Don Mancini on the whole remake and how its not a scene by scene redo;

“It’s a remake, but there are a lot of new things in it. None of the details of the murders in the first movie will be repeated. All of the set pieces are going to be completely brand new, and we’re going to do a slight re-design on Chucky himself, although Brad Dourif will absolutely be the voice of Chucky, and will once again play Charles Lee Ray in the flesh. And we’re giving him more to do than he did in the original movie.”


2 Responses to “Childs Play Remake”

  1. Michele Briggs Says:

    I also have been a very big fan of Brad Dourif. And same here i would not watch it if he were not going to be in it. I am sure that it will be a terrific movie, and i can not wait till it comes out. I will be first in line to buy the DVD.

    Dourif, ( chucky) fan 4 life

  2. Meh, I don’t really care for Chucky. *ducks flying tomatoes*

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