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Zombieland 2

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Zombieland writers, Rhett Rheese and Paul Wernick confirmed that  Zombieland 2 will absolutely be happening and will be shot in 3D.

Zombieland was ok the first time I seen it. It was so much better the second time around. I love it now. It’s weird how that works, you see a film don’t think much of it, see it again and love it.

Woody Harrelson was so good in this movie. No other actor could have played Tallahassee better.

Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, and Abigail Breslin were also great.


Saw VII 3D (EndGame) Has Started

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On February 8, 2010 Saw VII 3D production began.

Saw VII is planned to be the final installment (old news) after the big box office decrease. And it might answer questions from previous films, like what happened to all the survivors? It could also be called Saw VII: EndGame. WHY?

I hate when films have names like that. Like Into the Blue 2: The Reef. You don’t need to put that crap in it.

I am looking forward to the ending of a great franchise. Saw VI was a very good film and left us all wanting move. It will be weird in October 2011 without a Saw film.

The budget for each film has never reached over $11 million, but with the cost of filming in 3-D, Saw VII will be the  most expensive Saw film yet.

“We’re actually shooting it in 3D. A lot of people just do the 2D to 3D transfer, but we want to be able to build the sets in a way that takes advantage of depth.” — Producer Mark Burg.

3D is trash and nobody wants it. I hear even Tobin Bell who plays Jigsaw isn’t excited about it either.

Saw VII 3D out 10-22-10.

DH News

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“Collapsing” is good, “Tie This Around Your Neck” is better, “The World Is A Thorn” is AMAZING!!! I love each of these songs and I’m so glad I pre-ordered (alternate cover was not available) this CD. Maybe I should have ordered the deluxe  edition but what would I do with all the stuff it comes with?

Here is apart of the chorus from “The World Is A Thorn”, “Won’t bow to man, Won’t bow to government…Won’t love a world where my God is mocked”.

From Solid State

Demon Hunter have posted the title track from their upcoming album “The World Is A Thorn” on their MySpace page! Head over to check out the second song from the album.

For Those Who Wait (Fireflight Album)

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Back in 2008 I heard my first Fireflight song called “Unbreakable” off their third album, Unbreakable. I began downloading their songs and listening to them over and over again. It is one CD I wish I owned. It was also in my top albums of 08.

Not many bands get my attention like Fireflight did. But I still love them.

I was hoping, For Those Who Wait, the fourth Fireflight album would be just as good or better than Unbreakable. The album is fair and has some pretty good songs on it. “Desperate” the first single of the album is probably the best song on the CD. Maybe after a while I will like the CD more but who knows?

Sadly it’s not a CD I would spend money on.

Not every album will be great but Fireflight is a good band and I will still remain a big fan.

For Those Who Wait was released today 2-9-10.


New Columbus Blue Jackets Coach

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Ken Hitchcock has been the CBJ’s head coach since 2006 but as of now assistant coach Claude Noel is the club’s interim head coach.

I can’t believe they fired Hitchcock. He is a good coach. He took the Columbus Blue Jackets to their first Stanley Cup Playoff  in the franchise’s nine-year history.

Like their site says, the Claude Noel era begins tonight. I hope Claude Noel turns this team around. This year has been pretty bad.

Columbus Blue Jackets record so far is 22-27-9.

Childs Play Remake

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I can not wait for this movie. I am a Chucky fan and always will be. Though he scared me so much when I was little.

If Brad Dourif wasn’t returning as Chucky, I would NOT watch it. I also like that fact he will be in the flesh as Charles Lee Ray again.

All copied below,

From HorrorBid comes word that the Childs Play Remake has begun production. No word on the source so I assume its a source of theirs. They also have a quote from Don Mancini on the whole remake and how its not a scene by scene redo;

“It’s a remake, but there are a lot of new things in it. None of the details of the murders in the first movie will be repeated. All of the set pieces are going to be completely brand new, and we’re going to do a slight re-design on Chucky himself, although Brad Dourif will absolutely be the voice of Chucky, and will once again play Charles Lee Ray in the flesh. And we’re giving him more to do than he did in the original movie.”

Hear Another New Demon Hunter Song

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Yet another new DH song and it is freaking sweet!!!

Direct TV owners can turn to channel 841 at 4pm to hear it.

It says first new song even though it’s the second.

From Demon Hunter’s Facebook,

The first new song from “The World Is A Thorn” called “Tie This Around Your Neck” premiering today on Sirius Liquid Metal a 4pm EST! It will also be re-airing at 7pm, 10pm, and 1am EST!