The World Is A Thorn Album Cover

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The World Is A Thorn

The World Is A Thorn Deluxe Edition Box Set

The Deluxe Edition Box includes:

  • CD with 2 exclusive bonus tracks
  • DVD featuring the making of “The World Is A Thorn”, and a live acoustic set
  • 20 page booklet with exclusive artwork, photos, and handwritten lyrics
  • 2 fold-out posters featuring original artwork by metal visionary Dan Seagrave
  • 3 photo cards
  • Demon Hunter handkerchief
  • Set of 4 buttons
  • Sticker


2 Responses to “The World Is A Thorn Album Cover”

  1. Hmmm, it’s a little weird to me. Not sure what it is. Just looks funny to me. I do like that they don’t do anything traditional…no group shot of them all standing around trying to act cool.

  2. Okay, so I just noticed that the deluxe edition comes with a handkerchief. Seriously?! A handkerchief?? So who still uses handkerchiefs, other than really old men (who I sincerely doubt are Demon Hunter fans)? And what would you do with one anyway? So you’re in the middle of talking to a friend and your nose starts running, so you say, “Excuse me, I need to use my exclusive Demon Hunter handkerchief to blow my nose.” While your friend stares at you like you’ve lost your mind. Then after blowing your nose, you say to your friend, “Oh did I mention that this is a Demon Hunter handkerchief? Isn’t it cool? Do you want to see it?” Um, total fail.

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