I’m With Coco!

With all this crap about late night talk shows I must say something. I’m with Coco!

Jeff Zucker from NBC said, “I’ll keep you off the air for 3 1/2 years”.

That better not happen. Conan is the best. Screw every other talk show host. Jay Leno has never been funny.


One Response to “I’m With Coco!”

  1. Jay Leno’s a big baby! I may be remembering this wrong, but wasn’t the whole reason he was leaving The Tonight Show was that he was retiring?!? I mean, then they came up with this stupid, half-baked idea to move him to primetime, but I thought the original reason was that he was retiring. So he should just retire already!

    I loved what Jimmy Kimmel had to say about Leno though (and what he did); very amusing.

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