Avatar Grossing

Avatar has made $1,419,950,876 worldwide in 27 days. I do believe it will beat the Titanic. Which made $1,842,879,955 worldwide.

I have not seen the film so can someone tell me if its that good?

I guess you have to give a hand to James Cameron for having the top two grossing films of all time.


One Response to “Avatar Grossing”

  1. I haven’t seen it either. Everything I’ve heard from people I work with is that it’s worth seeing just for the effects, but the story and acting are pretty mediocre. Everyone says it’s definitely worth the IMAX price to see it in IMAX, because the effects pretty much make the film. Whatever; I don’t really have any desire to see it because it’s just not my type of film (no spell-casting or neck-biting, lol…just kidding, of course).

    But yeah, James Cameron definitely has something figured out! It’s pretty much a given that Avatar will beat Titanic, I think, because Titanic was in theaters forever. Avatar hasn’t even finished its first round; it’s still going to go to all the dollar theaters and stuff. And you know they’re going to play it longer for the first round too.

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