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Alternate “The World Is A Thorn” Cover

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For all of us who have seen every Demon Hunter album cover, we know they like to make many alternate covers. I am not a fan of that because then your stuck trying to choose your favorite one. Good news is this is the last cover for the new album.

This is probably my favorite cover and will be the one I’ll pre-ordering here soon.

The World Is A Thorn regular edition alternate cover


The World Is A Thorn Album Cover

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To see every Demon Hunter album cover go to

The World Is A Thorn

The World Is A Thorn Deluxe Edition Box Set

The Deluxe Edition Box includes:

  • CD with 2 exclusive bonus tracks
  • DVD featuring the making of “The World Is A Thorn”, and a live acoustic set
  • 20 page booklet with exclusive artwork, photos, and handwritten lyrics
  • 2 fold-out posters featuring original artwork by metal visionary Dan Seagrave
  • 3 photo cards
  • Demon Hunter handkerchief
  • Set of 4 buttons
  • Sticker

Kevin Greutert With Saw VII

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I can not believe this. As you know Kevin Greutert, director of Saw VI, was the director for Paranormal Activity 2. Not anymore and He is very upset. As Lionsgate is forcing him to direct Saw VII 3D.

From Shock Till You Drop.

Wow. Yet another surprise move in the on-going Saw Vs Paranormal Activity war!

Just last week, we had reported that Saw VI director Kevin Greutert was tapped by Paramount Pictures along with writer Michael R. Perry to helm Paranormal Activity 2. Not only that, but they had already marked off the release date on their calendars. October 22nd. Right up against Saw VII.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting.

According to Deadline Hollywood, Saw franchise partners Twisted Pictures and Lionsgate have just exercised an option and installed Saw VI director Kevin Greutert as the director of Saw VII 3D. This means David Hackl (who directed Saw V) is off the movie and will instead be assigned another Twisted/Lionsgate film shortly. (In short, both Hackl and Greutert had two picture deals with Twisted and they’re putting Greutert on Saw VII to prevent him from directing Paranormal Activity 2.)

This now leaves the director’s chair empty for Paranormal Activity 2, unless Paramount waits for Greutert. No doubt, they will probably want to keep the same release date and go up against the Saw franchise for the second year in a row.

This is all good news for Saw fans considering Greutert’s sixth entry is arguably the best and most satisfying of the sequels. (At least since Saw III.) As editor on all the previous Saw movies, he’s proved he knows the series inside and out and can deliver.

50 Days of Demon Hunter

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Demon Hunter has posted this on all the sites.

In honor of “The World Is A Thorn,” we are happy to present to you 50 Days of Demon Hunter. Each day for the next 50 days we will be bringing you something new whether it’s music, photos, videos, contests or some other goodies we’ve got up our sleeves. So keep checking back each day for the latest additions up to and beyond the release of “The World Is A Thorn” March 9th.

For today we’ve got some new promo photos up. Come by to check them out and standby for what more we’ve got in store.

– DH

Saw Meets Paranormal Activity

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Kevin Greutert, Saw VI director will be directing Paranormal Activity 2.

Kevin Greutert made his directorial debut with Saw VI. Which failed at the box office to Paranormal Activity.

Paranormal Activity 2 and Saw VII 3D will be going head-to-head 10-22-10.

TNA Wrestling Genesis (2010)

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No more 6 sided ring, I am very unhappy with that.


Hulk Hogan unveiled the NEW Impact Zone! and the return of the 4 sided ring.

X Title: The Amazing Red def. Brian Kendrick.

Sean Morley def. Daniels

Knockouts Title: Tara def. ODB to regain the gold

Tag Team Title: Matt Morgan & Hernandez def. British Invasion to win the titles

Desmond Wolfe def. D’Angelo Dinero

Beer Money def. Kevin Nash & Sean Waltman

Mr. Anderson was revealed as the major acquisition!

Mr. Anderson def. The Monster Abyss

World Title: AJ Styles def. Kurt Angle to retain after help from Ric Flair

I’m With Coco!

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With all this crap about late night talk shows I must say something. I’m with Coco!

Jeff Zucker from NBC said, “I’ll keep you off the air for 3 1/2 years”.

That better not happen. Conan is the best. Screw every other talk show host. Jay Leno has never been funny.