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Ryan Kavanaugh, the producer behind the upcoming Brothers, is currently overseeing the development of Stephen Norrington’s franchise reboot of The Crow.

He tells io9 that Norrington’s script is now in the tweaking stage and that everyone should know it is not a direct remake of the Brandon Lee-starring film. “We’re just relaunching it and making it with a much more present-day character, someone more relatable to everybody.”

The makeup will very much be different from The Crow visage we’ve come to know (and which has become a year-to-year Halloween costume favorite). Also, as far as casting goes, “It will be an actor you’ve heard of, yes. We’re not ruling anything out. We’re looking at both, with the very well-known and the ‘very talented but they may not be quite there yet.'”


One Response to “Crow News”

  1. I’m still totally not into this. A “more present-day character, someone more relatable to everybody”?!?!? What’s THAT supposed to mean?! Like people today can’t relate to Brandon Lee’s character? Please. That’s just stupid. They should just leave it alone. I didn’t even like that they made a sequel to it. Let alone a remake.

    In other news…New Moon brought in $143M its opening weekend. Third highest ever. Top that, Saw VI! lol (Obviously Saw VI was no competition, but I just had to say it, since you like Saw so well, ha ha.)

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