Saw I-V Box Set

This Collection includes Saw Uncut, Saw II Uncut, Saw III Unrated Director’s Cut (I’ve seen the disc and it’s NOT the Director’s Cut), Saw IV Unrated Director’s Cut, and Saw V Unrated Director’s Cut.

This is not to be mistaken for the Saw Trilogy Box Set.

I hope to own both sets soon and add them to my collection. Yes I do already own all them. I have never seen Saw Uncut or Saw III Unrated Director’s Cut. I don’t think rated R either.

Saw I-V

eBay Image Hosting at

eBay Image Hosting at

Saw Trilogy not new

With plastic sleeve off.


One Response to “Saw I-V Box Set”

  1. Hmm, that 3-D cover is pretty cool, but how in the world would you fit it in any DVD storage thing? You just couldn’t. But I guess some people would display it any way (and no, I didn’t say “weird” or “dorky” people, but it’s implied, if you ask me).

    By the way, Harry Potter also has a box set of Movies 1 – 5, and yes, I own it. No, I don’t display it. LOL

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