Bond 23

Bond 23 will begin filming in late 2010.

This will be Daniel Craig’s third film as James Bond, following Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace , which earned $594 million and $586 million worldwide. Craig had signed on for four more Bond films, all the way to Bond 25.

C.R. was a really good film and is the second Bond film I’ve ever seen. It was super entertaining. Q.o.S. was not very good and I found myself asking, whats going on? Who’s that guy? Didn’t he die? So I hope Bond 23 is a much better sequel.



One Response to “Bond 23”

  1. I have yet to see a Bond film, so I don’t have much to say about this one. Except that did you know that Harry Potter beat out the Bond franchise as the highest grossing film series? I read that somewhere a while back; I can’t remember where. I thought it was pretty impressive, considering that there are only six HP films so far, compared to twenty-two Bond films.

    And do you like how I nicely used your post to comment on my own HP obsession? I’m quite good at that, lol.

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