Texas Chainsaw/Twisted Pictures

I was going to leave this alone but after watching TCM: The Beginning again, I simply can not. It seems the Platinum Dunes (TCM remake, TCM: The Beginning, Friday the 13th remake, and A Nightmare on Elm Street remake) have let the rights to TCM go. Twisted Pictures (SAW franchise) has picked it up. So forget everything you seen in the remake and prequel.

According to their sources, the plan is to bring the story to modern time, setting a new remake in the present day, in 3-D (big shocker…not).

The 2003 Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake cost Platinum Dunes $9.5 million and made $110 million worldwide. The prequel (which I found to be so much better than the remake) cost $13 million and made only $55 million.

I feel that a new remake, new modern time remake will be terrible. That is unless they bring back the original cast. But since its in modern time they cant. Well they could but it wont work. Do NOT make a remake, make a sequel to the remake or a sequel to the prequel.


One Response to “Texas Chainsaw/Twisted Pictures”

  1. What?! It only cost $9.5 million to do the remake of TCM? Seriously?? I know that is a TON of money to us normal people, but in movie-speak, that is practically nothing! I mean, ONE ACTOR can make that (and much more) doing a single movie!

    Well, I’m so floored by the $9 and $13 million thing, that I have no idea what the rest of your blog is about. As soon as I saw that, everything else just went out of my mind. Man, wow, I can’t get over it…

    You were saying? 🙂

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