True Blood Season 2 Finale

Spoiler Warning

We kick off the show with Maryann hoping to get married to her God. She thinks that killing Sam will help her. Sam getting stabbed I kinda didn’t see coming. I thought he’d get away somehow. It worked out though, Sam became a cow and killed Maryann (which everyone wanted). So that solved that problem. Oh Sam is fine, drank Bill’s blood.

Hoyt gets upset when he finds out everything his mother said about his father (while under the power of Maryann) was true. Hoyt then goes to see Jessica but shes not home. She got it in her head that its cool to go out and feed off truck drivers. I’m really not liking the new Hoyt and Jessica story. Go back to liking each other.

Eggs convinced Sookie to show him the things that he did every time he blacked out. Well this made him flip out and he told Andy to arrest him. Andy was trying to tell him it wasn’t his fault but Eggs wouldn’t listen. Eggs wouldn’t settle down and Jason shot him in the head. Eggs will hardly be missed. Oh and Jason is so stupid, he said “if a tree falls in the woods is it still a tree?”

Sam also goes home to his adopted parents, in hopes to find his real ones.

Eric tells us hes going to take care of Bill. Bill proposes to Sookie, which she cant answer. While shes out off the room Bill is captured with a silver chain and kidnapped by (probably Eric) an unknown character.

I loved the part of killing Maryann in the first half and not dragging it to the end.

True Blood will be back for a third season in the summer of 2010.


One Response to “True Blood Season 2 Finale”

  1. “I love the smell of nail polish in the morning.”

    LOL, I couldn’t resist. Can’t wait until next summer, and I am so incredibly glad that the Maryann storyline is FINISHED!!!

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