It has bee said that SAW VI has been rated R. Total shocker, I know. All SAW films at first were all rated NC-17, took to R for release. V was the only one to get a straight R. Let’s see if VI did.

Here is also a new photo from SAW VI

Brand new Saw VI photo! :DD Click it to see it MASSIVE.


One Response to “SAW VI MPAA Rating”

  1. Um, what the…? What is going on in this picture with those retarded oxygen masks? They look like alien elephants come to take over the world. But wait! The aliens were somehow captured by a deranged human who put them in a crazy death trap.

    Now we know what Saw VII will be…revenge of the alien elephants on the entire Planet Earth for the maltreatment of their fellow citizens. We thought Jigsaw came up some whacked out stuff…just wait until you see what the alien elephants do to us poor, defenseless humans!!

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