More Movie News

Underworld 4

It was announced that a new trilogy in the Underworld franchise would be made. Underworld 4 is set for a 2011 release. The film is supposed to be a sequel to the Rise of the Lycans and a prequel to the other films. Kate Beckinsale has said that playing a character for two films is enough. Rumors have said Kate will return, so who knows.

Scream Queens Season 2

I didn’t see this coming. First season Tanedra Howard won and got a role in SAW VI. Well its back and another woman will win a role in the upcoming SAW films.

SAW VIII is all I can say.


One Response to “More Movie News”

  1. So they’ve announced a new trilogy. Does that mean there will be three more films, not just one?? If so, awesome! But only if they pick up with the Celine/Michael story; I really, really want to see what happens with them. So Kate Beckinsale better get back on the wagon, or I’ll be disappointed. (Yeah I know, like Kate Beckinsale really cares whether or not I’m disappointed, lol.)

    In case you’re wondering, yes, I’ve just left three comments on posts that you posted, like, forever ago. 🙂 But I’ve been so covered over at work that I’ve barely had time to take lunches the last couple weeks. Things have finally got back to some semblance of normal now, which is still extremely busy, but manageable. At least I can take lunches again, thankfully. So now you can be pestered by me, lol.

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