Vanessa Hudgens’ NEW Nude Pictures

Yes its true, Hudgens has new nude pictures online. They say that the photos have been hacked from her cell phone. The first time (2007) she said that she was “embarrassed over the situation”. For all of you that thought, well she sure learned her lesson, your wrong. But remember people, its Hollywood. What will Vanessa and Disney say this time.

Like Youtube user Erick with No K said “Her new movie Bandslam opens on August 14th and I’m sure plenty of parents will be very happy to see these photos right before they take their kids to see it. WAY TO GO.

If you do not want nude pictures of yourself on the internet, don’t take them. And NEVER take them with a cell phone, they will end up online.

Erick with No K’s link for the censored pictures, and for all the pervs out there, you can go to another link on his page to view the uncensored pictures.


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