Braided Hair

Some time tomorrow I will be putting new pictures of myself on Myspace. I do indeed have tiny braids all over. I have a new way of things and why not a new look to go along with it.


3 Responses to “Braided Hair”

  1. S. Wade Says:

    I checked out your pictures. It’s not for me (although I did have one of those hair wrap things in my hair when I was in college…who knows why…it seemed a good idea at the time), but hey, if you like it, then cool. I’ve always wondered about that, though. I mean, did it hurt while they were doing it? And how long did that take?!

    So if you have a new way of things, what is it? Does it have to do with the J.M. Barrie quote about liking what you do?

    • I can see your comments now, when you reply to mine. I don’t know why I can’t see them otherwise…seems kind of messed up, but oh well.

      So I read your reply last night before I left work for the day, and I thought, “Cool, that’s pretty much what I do…what makes me happy.” Then I had this like, epiphany, or something, because I thought maybe I don’t do what makes me happy all the time. And I was like, “Oh no, am I miserable?” Let me explain…

      1) It would really, really make me happy to just lie around in bed all day, every day. It’s my favorite thing to just lie in bed and read. (I know, I’m pathetic, but there you go.)
      2) It would make me quite happy sometimes to just punch some people who totally get on my nerves.
      And the list could go on…

      So then, I was thinking about it, and I figured out that I actually am doing what makes me happy…just in the big picture of things, rather than the small picture. 1) I don’t lie around in bed all day, every day, so that I can make money so that I can afford to buy books and movies and junk and have a bed to lie in, and then I just lie around all day on Saturday…which makes me happy. 2) And I don’t actually punch people when they annoy me because then I’d lose my job (because usually it’s people at work who annoy me), and I wouldn’t have money to afford to lie around in bed all day on Saturday and be happy, etc., etc. (And another upshot of this is that if I punched someone, I’m pretty sure I’d get completely laughed to death, since I’m pretty much a wimp and doubt I could successfully punch someone in the face. So by not punching someone, I’m also making me happy by not making an idiot of myself, lol.)

      So that’s my epiphany: I do whatever makes me happy too…just in the big picture of things.

  2. What is the new way of things you have? the braids look kinda cool.

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