Underworld Unrated Extended Cut

I have owned the Underworld/Underworld: Evolution double feature DVD set since Christmas and finally watched the first one unrated.

I have watched both films many times but it was a first for watching Underworld unrated. There were some things that were different than the rated version. I think the unrated version is easier to understand. I don’t get having Kraven make out with the blond vampire though.

I did get a copy of Underworld: Rise of the Lycans in the mail. I seen this movie a day before its release. I thought it was one heck of a prequel as well.

My Underworld DVD set

Underworld/Underworld: Evolution


One Response to “Underworld Unrated Extended Cut”

  1. S. Wade Says:

    So, I watched all three of these over the weekend. Thanks for letting me borrow them. I actually liked them pretty well. But I didn’t realize that the third one was actually a prequel, so I spent the first half hour or more wondering why all these dead people were alive again, lol. I kept waiting for it to flash forward to Selene and Michael, like it did in the second one. And I was a little disappointed that it didn’t. I really wanted to see what happened to them, but I guess some might consider their story told. Anyway, I think the guy who played Lucian did an awesome job…in the first one and the third one; in my opinion, he’s a very good actor despite being pretty much an unknown.

    One thing I liked about these movies is that you’re always surprised by who’s really the good guy. It was the best in the first one, but the other two had some cool surprises as well.

    Okay, I’m done rambling now, lol.

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