True Blood: Nothing But the Blood

Plot: Another shocking murder in the small town of Bon Temps, Louisiana has the entire town reeling. Bill and Sookie’s relationship is put to the test with the presence of newly made teen vampire Jessica and Sam’s mysterious past with Maryanne starts to be revealed. Meanwhile, Jason’s involvement with the Fellowship of the Sun becomes deeper with a leadership retreat.

I just watched the episode like twenty minutes ago. I thought it was an ok episode, nothing shocking really until the end. So is Eric killing vampire killers? It seems that way. Whats with Maryann, what is she? I seem to have more questions than anything. Has there ever been an episode of True Blood without sex? Seriously, with Sam’s past, Bill and Sookie, I believe the opening of the show even did. But that’s True Blood, blood, sex, and vampires.

Alan Ball has said that he plans to start shooting the third season before Christmas 2009.


Only on HBO every Sunday at 9 PM


One Response to “True Blood: Nothing But the Blood”

  1. S. Wade Says:

    I thought the premiere was pretty good. I think it’s going to be a good season. And yeah, I have no idea WHAT Maryanne is supposed to be. She kind of gives me the heebie-jeebies…she did last season too. She’s just weird. Yeah, I think that’s what’s Eric’s up to; I thought it was hilarious when he came down to that cellar with foil in his hair and the salon cape on. It was like, “Oh, I need to let the color sit for a half hour? Okay then, I’ll just go interrogate and possibly kill some people in the meantime.” I was really glad that Lafayette was still alive; I like his character. Oh and this thing with Jason and the Fellowship of the Sun cult is going to be an interesting twist, I think.

    And yeah, this show does seem to have sex in every episode. I thought The Tudors was bad on Showtime, but I’m starting to think this one is worse. And what was with the whole blood and kissing thing? Um, yeah, no, that was just sick. GROSS!!!

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