2009 Stanley Cup Finals

Series: PIT wins 4-3

PIT 2, DET 1

Pittsburgh Penguins win the Stanley Cup defeating last years champ’s the Detroit Red Wings.

I’m very happy for this do to Detroit beat Columbus earlier in the playoffs.


One Response to “2009 Stanley Cup Finals”

  1. S. Wade Says:

    I really don’t care at all about hockey (except um, why would you have a stupid penguin as a mascot? Is that supposed to be intimidating? Like, “Watch out for us, because we’ll peck your eyes out…if we could reach your eyes, that is, but we can’t because we’re short and fat and we can’t fly.” Ooooh, I’m scared now!), but I wanted to ask you…

    Did you watch TrueBlood last night? What did you think?

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