Change It Up?

Ok I’ve thought long and hard about this and cant decide. I want to make my blog background to look more professional. I have no idea why it doesn’t take up the whole page though. You know, like on the sides are black. If I do change it, the background I have now, is gone. I could make it look really professional in many different ways.

So what do you think, you all want to make it look more professional or do you like it the way it is?


2 Responses to “Change It Up?”

  1. Dale Doback Says:

    i like it the way it is, except the colors-too dark and gloomy, you need more like brighter colors

  2. S. Wade Says:

    I actually really like the dark colors. I love black; it’s my favorite color. And I think it already looks professional.

    So as you can see from these two disparate comments to your post, you might as well please yourself. It’s YOUR blog!! Do whatever you want with it. I’ll still make stupid comments regardless of how it looks (and I’ll tell you what I think if you make it look stupid, lol).

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