MTV Movies Awards

That was the funniest award show I’ve ever seen. You got to give credit to Andy Samberg as the funniest host ever. I love what happened to that loser Eminem, dudes butt in in face was awesome.

Best Movie was Twilight

Best Performance was Kristen Stewart and Zac Efron

The whole night was super funny. MTV did a crappy job on censoring F bombs I count 3 dropped on live tv.


One Response to “MTV Movies Awards”

  1. S. Wade Says:

    I don’t go to this school, PERV!!

    Hey, I thought I’d let you know that I saw an article last night by the Associated Press citing Anyway, this or whatever interviewed Eminem, and he said the whole thing with Sacha Baron Cohen was planned. Eminem said something like he couldn’t believe how successful they were in fooling everybody, and he went home and laughed for three hours about it. I didn’t check out this rap website, because hey, who really cares? But apparently, it was part of the show. I hope that doesn’t reduce your enjoyment of Eminem’s supposed humiliation.

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