My Favorite Romance Movies: Part 2

Now a friend let me borrow these two movies, Love Actually and The Holiday. They are not in my top…well maybe I’m not sure yet.

I thought that Love Actually was going to suck do to Hugh Grant (worst actor ever) was in it. But to my surprise it was very good. I liked that it had split stories through out the film. Good movie if your into the whole love story.

The Holiday was also very good. I liked the ending the best I think. Where everyone is who they should be with. One of Jack Black’s best films I think. Its another great love story.

Only watch them if you like romance films though because these are chick-flicks by far.

Another good one I forgot in the first blog was Definitely, Maybe


2 Responses to “My Favorite Romance Movies: Part 2”

  1. S. Wade Says:

    I have to admit that I agree with you about Hugh Grant; he’s a mediocre actor, at best…and he’s got this really annoying lazy-eye thing going on. It totally gets on my nerves. But he doesn’t really take away from Love Actually, since it has so many other talented actors (e.g. Alan Rickman, Emma Thompson, Colin Firth, Laura Linney, etc). [And just a little plug here, both Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson are regulars in my current obssession: Harry Potter. Fifty days until Half-Blood Prince!!! Wahoo!!] lol

    Anyway, I’m surprised you think The Holiday is Jack Black’s best movie. Of course I like him in it, since it’s one of my favorite chick-flicks, but I thought he did an even better job in School of Rock (a “kid” movie, I know, but I still loved it).

  2. S. Wade Says:

    Okay, I just noticed that you said The Holiday was ONE OF Jack Black’s best films. I completely agree with that assessment. For some reason, I thought you had said it was his best. 🙂

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