My Favorite Romance Movies

Why blog this is probably what your thinking. Well its 9:52 pm and I’m bored. Don’t worry my blogs will get better I promise.

Ok these films are not in any order,

Cruel Intentions is truly one of the best.

Just Friends its more of a comedy but it still has a romantic story.

Juno once again more of a comedy but good.

In The Land Of Women is probably in my top three. Haven’t really decided yet. It is a must see.

The Notebook is also a must see. I think its tied for my favorite.

Just Like Heaven is the other one tied for my favorite.

When Harry Met Sally why wouldn’t you like this film.

Sweet Home Alabama wow Reese is in a lot of my favorites.

Titanic who doesn’t like it.

Can’t Buy Me Love is truly a classic.

The Lake House yeah why not.

There is probably more but cant really think right now.


One Response to “My Favorite Romance Movies”

  1. S. Wade Says:

    Okay, so why is it that I, someone who admittedly quite likes romances, have not seen even half of these films? I’ve seen only Juno, Sweet Home Alabama, Titanic, and Can’t Buy Me Love in your list! Of these four though, Juno is definitely a favorite. However, you need to have my two favorite romances of all time on there (well, at least among the top of my favorites)…The Holiday and Love Actually. (However, I’ll be the first to admit that these are definitely chick-flicks.)

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