Season Finales


If you did not see the Scrubs finale you missed a very good ending. With JD move closer to Sam and leaving Sacred Heart it was an emotional finale.

It was to be the last season of the show but not all good things must end. I have recently found out that Zach and Sarah will be back for six episodes. I’d like to say thank you for coming back even if it is only six episodes.


This finale “The Incident” was better than last seasons finale and why better than the “Through the Looking Glass” finale. I love that it was two hours long. I’m not sure why people think Kate and Sawyer are supposed to be together. Sawyer loves Juliet so get over it. Any way the two hour long finale kicks off with the one they call Jacob. Not sure who he really is and what his connections with the island are. This finale is about Jack hoping to blow up the island. Why you ask, because he wants to go back or should I say forward to the time he never met Kate. But can he do it?

2010 is the series finale and I cant wait to see what all happens. Thank you J.J. Abrams for another great show. I have not yet watched the finale for Fringe but I recorded it. And I heard for all you Star Trek fans  Leonard Nimoy is in it.

The Office

It was an ok finale. The ending was the best part of the show. It was about Jim and Pam and thats all I will say about it. But hey Michael and Holly are reunited thats a good thing right?

All I know is there will be a sixth season.


2 Responses to “Season Finales”

  1. Sam Bevis Says:

    you missed a T in the last word of the “office” blog

  2. S. Wade Says:

    I totally agree with you about the Office finale. It was a little mediocre, but the ending was very cool. I did like how Charles was holding a pink drink with a little umbrella while making fun of them…what was that about? lol And they need to continue the Michael/Holly thing next season…they play off of each other so well.

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